bicycle trick in a thomas edison

Two-wheelers Of The Streets
By Florie Lyn Masarate
As a child, it is what you wanted to have. Remember how it felt like to finally get it as a birthday present from your parents? You were downright happy because you finally got what you wanted. Your step into independence and your first transportation, the bicycle.
E.T. made it defy gravity by making it fly, avoiding those that are coming to get them. But if E.T. only have known that these seemingly harmless looking bicycle can lead to serious accidents, then he would have just made all of them fly, safest that way. But then, that was just Hollywood. This is real life.
Bicycle is one way of safe transportation. Convenient, economic and effective, plus it does not require gasoline or any of the maintenance that other vehicles need. It can also be taken anywhere, hand carried for that matter. Having these characteristics does not make them the safest, or accident-free. On the other hand, it makes them more prone to accidents. There is the ever-present threat of the other vehicles. Then is the drivers and the bikes themselves. It is definitely disadvantageous not only in size but also in structure. One bump and you will find yourself flying, like that in E.T.
Many safety gears have been devised for bicyclists. But can they save you? For example, the helmet. It was created to shield the head from impacts thus preventing head injuries. But it cannot prevent you from getting hit by cars or other vehicles; it doesn't prevent you from getting

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