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Are There Any Bicycle Accident Lawyers In Los Angeles?

By By Dave Hoffman

Yes, of course. I was unable to find any attorneys that are only bicycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles, but there are a lot of lawyers that specialize in accidents in general and they can offer you all the help you might need at the court.

Where can I find them?

As everybody else they can be found on the Internet. Type "bicycle accident lawyers Los Angeles" phrase in your search engine and you're going to receive at least 10 attorneys' sites. But before you choose, check their records and make sure their bills won't be too high - it is easy to spend so much money on lawyers that in the end you start to wonder why you have sued somebody in the first place.

What are my rights after a bicycle accident?

Under California law you have substantial rights if only you had a bicycle accident. "Lawyers Los Angeles" website ( can provide you all information you might need. You have rights to compensation of medical expenses, lost income, property damage, pain and suffering, future medical expenses, loss of future

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