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Spinning Classes Indoor Stationery Bicycle

By By Gail Fonda

Over the years I have changed my exercise routine continuously. That wasn't exactly planned, but it probably kept my interest up. I started with twice-a-week through Adult Education at the local junior high school. That was simple non-impact bending. That was too easy. Then I moved into Jazzercise, which was high impact. I began to really enjoy that. But it was only offered twice-a-week. My energy level blossomed. I now am up to six days per week, and sometimes even that isn't enough!

I joined many health clubs over the years. After the highschool routine, which got dull after a while, I needed tofind something that would allow more days of exercising.It had to fit my schedule, since I've always worked fulltime. There's no choice there! Adult Education classes areonly offered during the week for the most part

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