Bicycle Riding Safety and Accident Involvement Tips

Bicycle Riding Safety and Accident Involvement Tips

Despite of the various and more comfortable means of transportation available in California, many still prefer riding on bikes. This is on their conception that bicycle riding is a good form of exercise. Some say that it also gives them that sense of freedom and relaxation.

These things can be true. Using bikes even lessen the cost for gasoline consumption since it actually run using our own energy. Bicycling has indeed a large number of advantages.

However, along with the great benefits of bikes come its disadvantages and risks. Since these vehicles are not designed to cope up with accidents involving larger vehicles on the roads, the outcome is very much predictable in case a bicycle rider suddenly got involved in a terrible crash. It is either the biker will sustain serious injuries or he will die from the accident.

Thus, if you are a bicycle fanatic, it is indeed very important for you to understand fully how to be safe on roads and how to utilize your rights if ever you or your loved ones were injured in a terrible mishap.

Safety Tips

• Avoid riding on busy roads – We all know that it is extremely dangerous for bikers to travel along with those faster and heavier types motor vehicles. Hence, you must try to look for other alternate routes wherein there is less number of vehicles.

• Consider using lighting devices – Especially during nighttime or bad weather conditions, other motorists may not notice you. It is then important for you to have warning apparatus such as headlights and rear lights so that you can be visible to other drivers.

• Use the whole lane – It is a false idea for most cyclists that it is much safer to stay closely on the right curb. Staying a bit to the left is more proper so that you can easily be seen by the drivers in front and at your back. This may also prevent you from being hit by other vehicles on intersections.

• Be alert at all times – The busy roads are not the appropriate place to relax. If you wish to do so, better go to parks and other streets designated for bicycle riding. In Case of Accidents

• Get immediate medical aid – Although you may not feel any pain at first, it is always better to undergo a complete check-up. Sometimes, injuries cannot be felt right away by the victims. Medical reports can also serve as vital evidences if ever you may wish to file charges against the responsible parties in the future.

• Report the accident to the police – It is important to tell the police about the accident occurrence for proper documentation and appropriate action. They are the authorities deputized by the law to take care of such incidents. Their accounts may also be vital in your case. However, you must limit your statements and never accept any fault.

• Write down information – List down the name, address, contact information, license number, vehicle type, insurance policy details and other particulars of the driver who hit you. It is also essential to know the names, contact information and addresses of other possible witnesses.

• Consult a credible California bike crash lawyer – It is quite difficult to handle an accident case alone. If you wish to know your rights and to be well defended in filing a lawsuit, you must ask the assistance of an experienced lawyer. He will make sure that you will be compensated accordingly for your sustained injuries, damages and losses.

For more information about bicycle riding safety and bike accident prevention, get some helpful tips from California Bike Crash Lawyers.

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